john raynor




Member of Paper Lace for over 34 years since 1983.


early days


Here I am in 1967 in my second band, The Lambs of The World, with Mick Vaughan peeping through the lifebelt.

We went to Germany to play to American G.I.s who were there training before being flown out for combat in Vietnam.


Name Change


On return to England we changed our name to The Tiddlywinks! ( I guess we could have thought of a better name change!)



During the early 70’s our singer Clive left to pursue a solo career.  Pete (Chuck) Berry and Chris Morris were recruited to complete the new line-up with another name change:- “INFANT.”

In 1973 Chris Morris and Mick Vaughan left to join Paper Lace.



Late 1970's


In 1977 I helped form a band called The Ritz with Dave Williams, Kate Williams (now Maxsted) and Graham Wyvill.

We were signed to Chappell Music and Phonogram Records.



Here's one of our recordings:



Joining Paper Lace


In 1983 I received a phone call from Chris Morris asking me if I would like to be part of a reformed Paper Lace since Mick, Cliff and Phil had decided to pursue other careers and Chris wished to continue.

I’ve now been a continuous member of Paper Lace for over 34 years.