Graham Wyvill

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I've been a member of Paper Lace for 14 years since late 2004.

I had been offered the job earlier but turned it down, only to relent 6 months later, not being able to miss the chance of playing with musician friends I had known for 40 years.





This was my first band, THE HOUNDOGS, with l to r:

Rik Kenton, Alan Carnell, Mick Kenton, Bob Wyvill and me. Rik went on to join Roxy Music for a short while. Notably he played bass on "Virginia Plain"

The photo was taken on New Year's Eve 1964 at Silver Blades Ice Rink, Birmingham. We were supporting Herman's Hermits who had just had a number 1 hit with "I'm Into Something Good."



In 1967 the line-up had gradually changed and we became "MOSAIC", supporting such bands as Status Quo, Bill Haley and The Comets, Blue Mink and The Sweet.

l to r: Alan Carnell (lead vocals), Gordon Beresford (lead guitar), Neil Rowe (drums), me (on bass) and Chris Black (rhythm guitar).

Below is one of some now nicely dated recordings we did for the new BBC station, Radio 1.


Highly Likely

In 1973 MOSAIC was head-hunted by Mike Hugg and David Hadfield to promote a BBC record that was beginning to rise up the charts. Overnight we became "HIGHLY LIKELY" with Harry Johnston on drums and Pete (Chuck) Berry on lead vocals.



Late 1970's

In 1977 John Raynor joined a trio I was in and we became THE RITZ.

We were soon signed up to Chappell Music and Phonogram Records.

The line-up was l to r : Kate Williams (now Maxsted), Dave Williams, John Raynor and me.

Dave wrote some great songs. Here's one of my favourites:



When THE RITZ disbanded John Raynor and I joined with Dave Van Staaden and Lynne Gillette in the Yorkshire band "Nevada".

We played such venues as The Pussycat Club, a Fun Pub previously known as the Wakefield Theatre Club. The song below was recorded live at "PUSSYCATS" 



When Lynne Gillette left Nevada we continued as "DVS" with the addition of keyboard wizard Guy Phethean.

However, in 1983 John Raynor was asked by Chris Morris to reform Paper Lace and so left.

I was not to play alongside John again until I was asked to join PAPER LACE as bassplayer in 2004.

The track below was recorded live on a cheap cassette recorder at "The Mecca of The North" - Bolton Upon Dearne Club during the summer of 1983 with Paul Richards on drums. 1983 must have been the year of the Fretless Bass.  :-)