Chris Raynor





Chris Raynor

Member of Paper Lace for over 34 years since 1983.


union blues

In 1966 I joined my first band, UNION BLUES, the line-up being l to r: Me, Graham Russell (later to become famous as the writer and singer of AIR SUPPLY with many worldwide no.1 hits), Mike Jackson on bass and Ben Webster on vocals.

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Colours of love


From 1968 to 1970 I was part of the 4 piece pop harmony band COLOURS OF LOVE.

Line-up l to r: John Brierley, Kevin Harrison, Me and Peter Dennis (an old school friend of mine).


Our Dog winston

1970 to 1972 I joined the Derby-based band OUR DOG WINSTON.

Line-up back row l to r: Kevin Tice on drums, Kevin Davenport on bass and Roger Morton on vocals and flute.

front row l to r: Terry Davenport on guitar and Me.

After 6 months in Germany playing the American bases we returned to the UK to perform on Thames Television's OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS.

Billy Fury & Chris Raynor 1974 De-Montfort Hall copy.jpg





I was asked to become BILLY FURY's guitarist.

This is BILLY FURY at Leicester De Montfort Hall in 1974.

In 1976 Billy retired through ill health.

Stoney Broke - London 2.10.76.jpg


In 1976 Mick Vaughan and Chris Morris left PAPER LACE (being replaced by Jamie Oliver and Jaime Moses) and they collaborated with John Raynor, John Chambers and me writing and producing new material under the name of STONEY BROKE.

With the advent of The Sex Pistols the musical landscape changed completely and our project was abandoned.

In 1978 Mick Vaughan returned to PAPER LACE and I joined them too in place of Chris Morris.


Martha Reeves2.jpg


In 1977 Chris Raynor and John Raynor embarked on a tour of the Middle East backing Motown legends MARTHA REEVES AND THE VANDELLAS.


Return to paper lace

In 1981 PAPER LACE disbanded.

In 1983 I returned to PAPER LACE in its reincarnation.



So now I have been a continuous member for over 34 years.